#mycalvins – The revived Classic

This week saw the release of some rather perfect photos of new Mummy Model Lara Stone. Married to David Walliams, their new bundle arrived in the world just last year and already she’s standing tall and topless in front of the camera proudly showing off her post-baby body, sporting the ever so classic white Calvin Klein’s.

The new #mycalvins campaign was shot by industry hero’s Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, known in the industry for some pretty amazing shots. Mert & Marcus’ perspective of the body is fantastic and some of their staple photographs are a collection of long legged angular poses, with bodies are intertwined but static like twigs. Arms are locked together and the artful silhouettes created to make their photography and campaigns staple memories in the fashion world.

Their work is influenced by iconic photographer Guy Louis Bourdin, the Frenchman known to tip-toe just on the edge of pornographic realities. His proactive and alluring photography is truly a staple of his our cultural world.

Now back to the Calvins! This campaign has been designed to transport us back to the classic and iconic 90’s era and is calling for all of you beauties to get snap-selfie happy and so off your classic Calvin’s. There’s a chance you could appear on the site, so what are we all waiting for?

Calvin Klein are known for their simple grey images, innocent faces and beautiful toned figures all sporting the clean lines of Klein signature undies, jeans and knitwear. Memorable and effective, I’m pretty sure every campaign just makes you want to dash to your computer and purchase a pair of perfect panties! Oh and of course the celebrity following is massive, see Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner and Daisy Lowe, all of them have been seen flashing their tummies in their Calvins, so it’s safe to say I take this moment to finally get myself a pair! Yes, it’s true, whilst most of you will be reliving your sexy-sporty moment with that famous waistband popping over your boyfriend Jeans, I will be trying it out for the first time.

This isn’t the first time Stone has been on shoot with Mert & Markus, they’ve collaborated quite regularly in the past to create some serious marks on fashion. They shot the cover for Vogue Paris in October 2010…

The cover of Love Magazine

And a rather steamy Dsquared2 advert back in 2009.

I think it’s fair to say this threesome is one that wins every time.

Ladies & Gentleman, it’s time to strip down to your Calvins and get in front of that mirror and with already 9,165 posts on Instagram I think it’s fair to say this has to be one of the most memorable selfies this year.

#mycalvins #seflie

Lilac Lover

If you’re anything like me, you’ll always have the urge to change your hair each season. I’m just never satisfied and I normally always revert back to blonde in some shape or form, but this year I’ve been taken back by the product range from brand, Bleach London http://bleachlondon.co.uk/. With an array of products dedicated to fighting brassy blondes and illuminating the fairest of hairs. They love to experiment and along with care, they have products to add colour and create amazing looks outside the box! I honestly don’t know what I did without them.

photo 2
Being blonde and a bleach blonde in particular, you have to watch out for unwanted bad brassy tones, there has to be nothing worse than getting under direct light and realising you look like you’re hair has smoked 40 cigarettes a day for 2 years! Well never fear, Bleach London have some amazing little remedies and care packages for the health of your blonde locks.

Firstly, take note of the amazing toner. Not like other toners, it’s more like a permanent colour as you have to mix two elements together and apply to your hair, leaving for about 20 minutes, but the results are amazing, it literally strips out any badness and the restorative conditioning mask is the best I’ve used.

photo 3

Secondly, the amazing creation that is purple (Silver) shampoo, just got so much better! It’s the same theory but somehow so much better than anything else I have tried. You’ve got the option to leave it on for up to 15 minutes and it just makes your hair look loved and cherished! I couldn’t rate it higher. They’ve also just released a Rose shampoo and conditioner which leaves you with a little pinky tint, it’s next on my list!


So with all these amazing products, what’s next? Well if you’re like me I’m sure you do still have to re-bleach every now and again, just to keep it new! For the last few months, I’ve kept my roots dark and just bleached my ends, this time I took it slightly higher, just above my ear, it’s summer after all! After washing off the bleach, I topped up with this amazing little find from Feria, a £5 wonder product that takes cool to a new level.

photo 1
















It’s a lilac conditioner that you use as a substitute for your normal after shampoo go to and it clings to hair that’s just been bleached leaving your hair a lovely lilacy tint. I’m in love! It’s subtle enough that you can get away with it for work and bold enough that you can play around with it at the weekend. I have to say I think I’ll always use this product. Not only does it add the lilac tones, but it also does what the Purple Shampoo does, so even a few months after bleaching, you can still use it to illuminate even the dullest blonde, I’m totally sold!

All blondes or anyone who dares for some rainbow colour should get themselves to Boots and release the hair dresser in you! Next, it’s going to have to be the Rose shampoo from Bleach London. Get ready…


BANKS beauty


I suppose you’re starting to notice a trend here. Music, health, music, health. Soon to follow will be beauty and a smidge of fashion (there are lots of fashion bloggers out there and I’m not trying to compete for that crown, my wallet would cry for a start!) but for now I have one last post for this month about music. We’ve had two for the boys, The Weeknd and the one and only Prince, so now to join Lana is a new girl on the block, from America but often mistaken for one of us Brits, her name is BANKS, which is also her Instagram pseudonym – hernameisbanks, which makes for great images.

Any who, Jillian Banks is an American singer song writer from LA. She actually toured internationally with The Weekndin 2013 and has made big sounds in the music world already. Named as Artist to Watch by Fox Weekly, I strongly advise you take their advice. A little bit London Grammar, a little bit Lauryn Hill, her music is very distinctive…already.

The first song I heard was This Is What It Feels Like and it felt good. With a very low, enchanting voice her music almost echoes through you and I felt like I needed to listen to it in a dark room to really appreciate the depth of her lyrics or on a dreary day driving through a grey hilly landscape. All of her songs are beautifully written and the darkness you can hear is a reflection of her life lived in her parents divorce. It’s be written that she was unsure of who to talk to or even how to talk about it, hence why she’s filled every line of each of her songs with life and passion and it really is just oozing with emotion. But not that sappy, sad, pass me a tissue emotion. It’s tense, prickly and lonely emotion, but glossed in her incredible voice marrying perfectly together.

Her songs have almost become an obsession to me, my Spotify playlist of her EP’s and one off tracks honestly never gets boring or repetitive and it’s almost magnetic. Her lyrics stick in my mind but not all day like when you get an ear worm of a song lodge in your brain, it’s more like an imprint, something permanent in a good way like a relationship that works. In that sense I guess you could say she connects with her fans through her music and her music means more to her than just vanity.

There is a realness in her lyrics, she talks of her troubled childhood and the rockiness she lived through, not knowing how to feel and scared of feeling something new, but she also connects with you on a personal level because she talks about real life. There’s no fluffiness here, which is similar to The Weeknd in the sense that you don’t need to read between the lines with either of these musicians because they enjoy the rawness of their art. Her music is very honest and her influences such as Lauyrn Hill and Erykah Badu are evident in her songs. There is a vulnerability in the voice, but something tells me she’s through to the other side now.

She’s rising up, although she hates managing her own social media she wants to connect with her fans and I’d recommend you try and connect with her, just in time for the release of her first album, Goddess – September 5th 2014. You won’t be disappointed.

The Body…in progress

I’ve been on holiday (once…) this year and although the bikini show is temporarily over, I still have the urge to keep trim and work on a healthy lifestyle. My efforts this time will not be ignored and I am determined to make sure I stick to the words that effortlessly pour out of my mouth every month and really make something of these statements this time.

photo (7)


It certainly helps that of late my close friend has qualified as a personal trainer. After two months of grueling and intense studying, she has her stripes and it’s time for my words and her qualifications to meet and make beautiful, healthy progress! The time is now people and I really do want to start keeping my promises to myself. Who needs New Years to make a resolution? I now vow to improve and develop my inner self, through healthy eating and weekly exercise! What more inspiration does one need that the svelte and toned figure of Chelsea Socialite Mille Mackintosh? Please…do see below!

This is also something that is now quite a serious mission of mine, as a few years ago I was diagnose with an illness called Addisons. I really hate that word ‘illness’ it’s also called a disease but I think that’s even worse! I wouldn’t really describe myself as an ill person, so I don’t really like pigeon holing myself like this. I work 5 days a week, I bounce out of bed at 7am every day and although guiltily I love slipping into bed before 9pm some nights, all in all, I’m a pretty healthy person. Id’ say it’s more of a bad stitch in my DNA. Yes, that’s much better. So this bad stitch called Addisons affects your Hydrocortisone levels and can have a very serious result if not treated. I was diagnose at 21 and have been living comfortably with it since then. However, it’s now reached the days where I’m starting to think seriously about my life and not reach for the gin bottle and my heels for a night out as I used to at 21! My specialist is asking me serious questions when I meet with him every 6 months, (those really scary life changing questions!) and I know it’s time to start planning for a comfortable future as well as settling for a comfortable present. In order to avoid any further issues when I start reaching creakier ages, I must make sure I’m healthy.

The first thing to go was cigarettes. It was no longer cool for me at all, it’s bad enough as it is but when you have a bad DNA stitch like me anything naughty is naughtier! It’s been about 3 to 4 months since I quit smoking and despite the odd one here and there I’d say I’ve done pretty well.

Next, it’s all about healthy eating and portion control! How easy is it when you live by yourself to cook for 2 or 4 and then finish everything in the pan instead of saving it for left overs? My excuse is I never have anything to put the leftovers in and take it to work. Well that stops today, I’m going back to my school days and buying a lunch box! Probably not a bright pink one with Barbie all over it, something a little more corporate for the office.

Lastly, it’s all about the exercise. For me, I’ll never really be able to do long, intense physical activities, so Marathons are off the cards, oh and my life long dream of becoming a PE Teach (cough, not in a million years!). This is where my dear friend Megan comes in.

My newly qualified, super shiny own PT! This week she is designing a plan for me which focuses on my wants and needs and personal goals. If like me, you hate the gym, just the thought of using a machine after someone has happily sweat all over or the fact that everyone is secretly competing with each other to a) look amazing when they work out and b) work out the hardest, then a personal trainer is what you need.

Megan’s plan, whilst involving everything I want to achieve, will also be focused on being ‘at home friendly’, meaning I don’t need to pay a shed load of money to look good on a treadmill. I can do all of her exercises from the comfort and privacy of my own home. In a matter of day’s I will be adorning my Nikes and running up and down my stair case in the hope that I too can achieve a curve and drool worthy body like Millie Mackintosh and guess what, I’m going to keep you all up to date!

I think there are plenty of us out there who would much rather work out at home and I’d love to be able to share my trials and tribulations and improvements with you all. I also know there are a lot of you out there, like me with a bad stitch of DNA who may feel limited, so, if you need some help or some motivation keep reading as my first hand experiences are coming your way, but don’t worry, I’ll still be stealing the odd chocolate bar and enjoying a glass of red wine at the weekends, everything in moderation people!