Let’s get Lippy!

lips4 It really is about time I began to populate this page with words and pictures and you know, things that make you think about…things! This really is a space for me to note down all my thoughts, ideas, opinions and if you feel that you agree with me then that’s even better – but really this is a place to empty my brain onto a web page for good, for bad and for the ugly!Writing has always been something I’ve turned to throughout my life, be it to vent a frustration, to live out dreams and fantasies about undiscovered worlds and made up realities or to adventure around the subject of love through characters you can only dream of being or one day discovering. I love listening to my imagination run over time thinking of stories to tell. Until now, I’ve never really had a way to voice this though, getting published is somewhat a hard task and normally without an agent there’s very slim chance of catching anyone’s eye. A lovely thought to survive by your pen but a little unrealistic. But we’re not living in 1800’s anymore so at least women can and will write.

My own creative writing is something that I tend to keep to myself, but the chance to use my skill for writing in a conversational blog is something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a time now. I left university almost 3 years ago now and without the dedication of my writing tutor and that pesky full time job I have, I’d say my writing has suffered of late and not been given the proper outlet. I love that there is so much possibility out there to get your voice heard and I love that there are so many things to talk about. So do sit tight, I promise that the vast, white abyss of the Jam Jar Journals is about to be exploding with colourful insights, glittery ideas and shiny reviews.

I’ll be taking my time to review the things I love, new purchases, books, people, events. I’ll also be using this space as a place to voice my opinion, which some of you may disagree with as is only natural, but everyone should have their say and I hope, if you disagree with some of things I feel or believe in, then it’s just a way to get you all thinking about things from a different view point.

So, beyond the obvious, the answer is yes, to a question not yet asked, but I Know you’re all thinking it. I’m another blogger, joining the vast and sometime anomalous world of the blogging sphere but unlike everyone else, I’m aiming to give you something you can just enjoy reading. Wait, that is like everyone else I suppose. Ok well, look at it this way, this blog is as much for me as it is for all for you. I’m not trying to stand out from the rest of the people like me, I just want to take some time everyday to tell you what’s keeping me interested in our blooming culture and exciting society.

Enough rambling now, the next post will be much more constructive, with a strong theme and a great ending. I hope!

So excuse me while I get lippy…